Adarans are all born with pale white skin and hair. In spite of that fact, they are no more susceptible to sunlight than anyone else. Not that they are likely to be seen out in the sun terribly often. Most Adarans are victims of their seemingly endless lifespans. They rarely form strong attachments to any other creatures, with the exception being other Adarans. Because of this, they are often seen as removed, focused on themselves, and disinterested in the affairs of others. And since illness or injury are the only ways for them to die, they rarely put themselves in positions that risk their health. Adarans are slow to act, since they can easily do something today as they could in a century, and when they do act they prefer to get things right the first time.

Adaran names are usually fairly lengthy, and singular (the will adopt some shortened section of their name for ease of use with others). Family is something not considered relevant, with parents often referred to instead as “birth-givers” or “predecessors”. Some who understand the wonder of adventure will make arrangements for a trusted human family to raise their young. Those raised in this fashion are closer to humans in personality and attitude, but it usually fades with age and they find their way back to one of the Adaran cities.

From birth, they have a connection to the divine, and all are capable of channeling spells. Along with their base immortality, some take this as a sign they are the favorite race of the gods. And it is rumored that there are a few who have mastered every spell in existence.


Adarans have a few cities, spread across the world, and a majority of Adarans reside in them. They tolerate visitors of the other races, but rarely have need for any trade. Each city is fully self-sustaining, through magic. Adaran cities have no leader or organized government. Everyone has some purpose they fulfill for the city and that is enough. They have no word for currency, and if any coin is kept around it is only for dealing with others.

Race Template – 20 Points

  • Unaging (15)
  • Power Investiture 0 (5)
  • DR 4 (Activated, 4FP for first minute, 2FP to maintain, Force-field, Semi-Ablative) (16)
  • Healing (Injury Only, Faith Healing, Costs Fatigue +4, 3 uses per day) {4 FP to activate, then 1 FP for each 2 HP healed} (18)
    • You can buy off the extra FP cost for 6 points (or 3 to cut it in half). This is not part of the template and counts towards your advantage limit.
    • You can buy extra uses per day for 1 point each, to a max of 8 uses per day. This is not part of the template and counts towards your advantage limit.
  • Vulnerability x4 (Silver) (-20)
  • Magic Susceptibility 3 (-9)
  • Restricted Diet (Vegetarian; Substitution) (-5)


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