Campaign Rules

House Rules


While not in combat, medical attention or any supernatural healing restoring at least 1 HP will stabilize a character at 0 HP or less, and will prevent the need for consciousness rolls except after strenuous tasks (casting a spell, climbing a rope, etc). Taking further damage removes this benefit, but you can be stabilized again.

Reserve Banks

  • Each character will have a reserve bank for HP and FP. rHP and rFP will start at a 10, and cannot be lowered below that. They can be increased (costs would be as normal HP or FP) with a maximum of 50% more than actual HP or FP.
    • For 1 second concentration, a character may transfer any number of rHP or rFP to their current totals. An unconscious character can roll against Will to access their reserves.
    • Replenishing HP in this fashion can stabilize a character who remains at 0 HP or less, on a successful HT roll. Unconscious characters would get a roll to regain consciousness as though they had received medical attention.
    • These banks are refreshed each day after 8 hours of rest.

Gameplay Improvements

  • As of posting this, thresholds and recovery rates are effectively doubled.
  • Out-of-combat Minor/Major heals don’t need to be rolled until effective skill is at 9 or lower. This means no crits, but also no wasted FP (or HP) on a failure.


Currency levels will be 100:1, i.e. 100 copper = 1 silver, 100 silver = 1 gold, 100 gold = 1 platinum

Each country issues its own coinage, but they are of equivalent values.

Campaign Rules

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