Traditionally, Kovar are given a temporary name at birth. When they have decided upon their purpose, they choose a new name for themselves.

Their innate talent for magic lead many to be adventurous, and are thought to be the influence behind their impulsive and cocky nature. Since they live nearly 4 centuries, older Kovar are usually powerful wizards.


The Kovar hail from the eastern islands originally, though they can be found anywhere they are welcomed. There they still have an aristocracy. One’s family name can wield even more power than any spell. The nation is presided over by the Arcanum, essentially the equivalent of a king or queen.

Race Template – 20 Points

  • Magery 0 (5)
  • Extended Lifespan x4 (4)
  • Infravision (at will) (10)
  • Wild Talent 2 (magic only) (32)
    • more uses of Wild Talent may be purchased as normal
  • Regeneration (slow; 1 HP/12 hrs) (10)
    • This can be upgraded to Regeneration (Regular; 1 HP/hr) for an extra 15 points. This is not part of the template and counts towards your advantage limit.
  • Unnatural Features (horns) (-1)
  • Vulnerability x2 (Magic) (-30)
  • Weakness (Low/No Mana Area; 1d/minute) (-10)


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