The Divines (The First Deities):

Tessav – Madness, Deceit, Truth, Luck
Rako – Snow, Strength, Mountains, Vengeance (Soukaror)
Shash – Silence, Creation, Magic, Sacrifice (Kovar)
Idevimea – Seasons, Life, Death, Wrath (Elerenai)
Naiklus – Mysteries, Love, Spirits, Desire (Adaran)

The Exalted (Divine Beings):

Geauri – Innocence, Sky, Inspiration, Light (Humans)
Aleani – Joy, Day, Music, Lust
Laevif – Oaths, Law, Cities, Peace
Mashakri – Chaos, Sea, Night, Fear
Alaios – Battle, Fire, Passion, Storms
Croxlo – Torment, Dreams, Memories, Pity
Erendac – Crossroads, Fortune, Opposites, Wind


The Lost Age of Magic


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