The Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild is probably the largest overall organization in the world. They operate primarily out of the 3 human lands, but definitely spread throughout the known world. Most large cities will have some guild house or hideout, while others might just have a handful of members locally. The leader is a mysterious but clever human named Balthier.

The Dark Doorway

The Dark Doorway are the most feared assassin’s guild. They are rumored to be based somewhere in Senia but their agents and eyes can be found everywhere.

The Sigil

The Sigil is an order of mages devoted to pursuing the limits of magic and uncovering as many lost spells, rituals, and artifacts as possible. They dream of a day like the storied past when the magical power of mortals threatened that of even the gods. They also know how dangerous these powerful magics can be in untrained hands. Their headquarters is a tall red tower in The Shaded City and in its walls can be found the Gemma the Ruby Sorceress. She is a Kovar who it is rumored knows a spell than can grant immortality. Whether that rumor is true or not, she is over 700 years old…

The Emerald Flame

The Emerald Flame started as a splinter faction from The Sigil that used less than savory means to accomplish their tasks. Depending who you ask their power is either and artifact or a spell or an entirely different type of magic. They claim it cannot be matched or resisted. They continue to search for much of what The Sigil seeks, but for their own destructive purposes. Many members of this organization have made pacts with demons (or worse) for power.

Guardians of the Midnight Gate

The Midnight Gate is a myth from ages past. It is said that the Midnight Gate is a physical bridge between the mortal world and some unknown realm of power where The First Ones came from. The Guardians of the Midnight Gate claim that Tessav herself tasked them with keeping it sealed shut as this world couldn’t handle it. Today they are an order of priests who search for this lost gate. In their search they have come across many things that have slowly shifted the group’s goal. They have kept the original name, but they no longer are Guardians. They seek power, through any means. They look for the gate now, not to keep it sealed, but to open it and enter.

The Diamond Dragon

The Diamond Dragon is a fighters guild. They have an arena in the capital of each Keragor, Senia, and Aerasa, with Keragor’s being the main facility. They train fighters as well as organize arena fights, tournaments of skill, and more. The leaders are a pair of short, stocky brothers called Morel and Dorel Glanent. They are widely known for their skill with throwing axes and having never lost any public duels.

Order of the Black Star

The Order of the Black Star are a group of mercenaries. They have been employed by Keragor in decades past to bolster their fighting forces. Nowadays, the Black Stars have been asked to seige towns, defeat monsters, quell rebellions, or act as extra guards to provide order in chaotic times. If a task can be solved by use of a blade, you can pay them to do it.

The Silver Shadows

In Keragor, The Silver Shadow are rumored to be a group of aristocrats and nobles who combine their wealth and power in secret to guide events as they would prefer them. Problem rivals go missing, shops are driven out of business, and some public figures complete reversals of opinion surely brought about by threat or bribe. The King may rule over Keragor, but it is said that The Silver Shadows are the ones running it.

White Hearts

The White Hearts are a group who specialize in stamping out necromancy, undead, and abominations. They are frequently sought out for their skills in dealing with those powerful supernatural threats when no one else seems to be able to. They can be found in Aerasa. The group was founded by two Adarans, Kyra and Tathel, who continue to preside over it.


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