Party Inventory

Party Inventory 9/18/16

40 gp 15 sp 77 cp

Raven’s stuff


8 Magical Healing Potion (1d+1)
3 Greater Magical Healing Potion (2d+1)
Red Healing Potion (2d)
2 Magical Potions of Restoration
1 Magical Remove Curses

Maxx’s Inventory

2 magical candles
2 scrolls in an unknown language using Common alphabet

  • Scroll of 2nd Life

3 scrolls written in Common

  • Cure Disease
  • Restoration

Scroll Details

Scroll of 2nd life

  • Lasts 6 hours
  • Costs 25 and can not be discounted
  • If the subject of the spell is killed during its duration
  • Revived to 1 HP after 3 seconds
  • Any spells active on subject remain unaffected
  • Anyone revived by spell are immune to its effects in the future

Iocrant Inventory

Party Inventory

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