The Diamond Tournament

Background and Rules

The Diamond Tournament is the annual major fighting championship put on by the Diamond Dragon fighters’ guild. It will be 32 of the best fighters competing for honor, fame, and fortune. The top 8 places will get a cut of the gate, but 1st is guaranteed 150 gp and second gets 50 gp. 20 of the entrants are directly invited due to their notoriety, famed exploits, or placing in the 3 other yearly tournaments (The Ruby, The Emerald, and The Sapphire). The remaining 12 spots will be from an open-entry (5 sp) single-elimination tournament. Matches go to first blood or until one side yields. The finals and semifinals go until one side yields only. Magic is allowed, but it is primarily a combat competition and thus using magic to win may not get you too far. Healing will not be provided, except for severe emergency conditions like mortal wounds or crippling injury. There is a prize for fan favorite. The King is rumored to be attending all of the tournament this year.

The Qualifier tournament starts December 3rd. Each match goes until first blood or an opponent yields. Healing will not be provided, except for severe emergency conditions like mortal wounds or crippling injury.

In all tournaments, killing your opponent is forbidden and will get you expelled from the tournament. An inquiry may be opened to see if it was done in bad faith and try the combatant for murder. However, by entering the tournaments, you agree that you might be killed and neither the city nor the guild is responsible.

Generally, there are 4 matches per day until only 4 combatants remain, then it goes to 1 match per day. Thus, the Diamond Tournament will take 10 days. Entrance into the arena is 1 sp per day, and the finals raise the price to 5 sp. You can pay 10 sp to get access for the entire tournament (saving you 4 sp). In the days leading up, many combatants will be sparring in the training room or out in the arena hoping to gain some fans and build up a name for themselves. During The Qualifier tournament, daily entrance is the standard 1 sp per day.

Kada, a scarred female Kovar, is the Diamond Dragon’s arena master. She is in charge of running the tournaments.

The Diamond Tournament Bracket

Note: bold indicates fighter from the Qualifier

Round of 32 Round of 16 Round of 8 Round of 4 Semifinals Winner
Dolonor – Returning Champ {Dolonor} {Dolonor} {Dolonor} {Delbia} {Delbia}
Galebre {Galebre}
Frida – Famed Adventurer {Kenshin} {Kenshin}
Vorga {Vorga}
Cyne – The Ruby Champ {Cyne} {Cyne} {Delbia}
Tanga {Tanga}
Delbia – Famed Adventurer {Delbia} {Delbia}
Urdund {Aelyn}
Boley – The Emerald Champ {Boley} {Vera} {Riffin} {Carda}
Vera {Vera}
Curio – Famed Adventurer {Riffin} {Riffin}
Sarryan {Fela}
Haek – The Sapphire Champ {Carda} {Carda} {Carda}
Carda – Previous Champ
Caisa {Caisa}
Svalgi – Famed Adventurer {Nyrech} {Murrissa}
Draephaxas {Murrissa}

Contestant Info

  • Dolonor, Returning Champ
    • Human Male: auburn hair, amber eyes
    • Leather Armor, Shield, & Bastard Sword
  • Hjotga:
    • Female Kovar: pink skin, auburn hair, green eyes, exceptionally beautiful
    • Dark Robes & Returning Dagger.
  • Galebre:
    • Human Male: tall and willowy, tangled copper hair, dark hazel eyes.
    • Scale Mail & Flail
  • Frida, Famed Adventurer:
    • Female Kovar: tall, blonde, purple skin & deeper purple eyes
    • Leather Armor & 2 Long Knives
  • Cyne, Ruby Champ:
    • Male Human: cropped white hair and large brown eyes.
    • Leather Armor & 2 Broad Sword
  • Ethed:
    • Female Human: silver hair, sharp gray eyes.
    • Plate & Maul
  • Nette:
    • Male Human: thin brown hair and soft amber eyes.
    • Leather Armor & Mace
  • Theli:
    • Male human: blonde hair and blue eyes.
    • Plate Armor & Flail
  • Delbia, Famed Adventurer:
    • Female Adaran: messy black hair, dark blue eyes.
    • Leather Armor, Cloak & Katana
  • Urdund:
    • Elerenai: Oak
    • 2 polearms
  • Boley, Emerald Champ:
    • Male Human: narrow face, with messy golden hair and soft brown eyes.
    • Scale Mail & Halberd
  • Rewis:
    • Male Human: straight blonde hair and soft gray eyes, and an unusual scar on his leg.
    • Studded Leather & long sword
  • Morly:
    • Male Human. rough in appearance, with copper hair and green eyes.
    • Scale & Battleaxe
  • Curio, Famed Adventurer: :
    • Male human: messy copper hair and green eyes
    • splint mail and a spear and shield.
  • Fela:
    • Male Human: black hair and light green eyes.
    • Chain Mail & Warhammer
  • Haek, Sapphire Champ:
    • Male Human: thick brown hair and green eyes.
    • Scale & 2x Handaxe
  • Carda, Previous Champ:
    • Female Kovar: blue-ish skin, white hair and light green eyes.
    • Banded Mail & Naginata
  • Draephaxas:
    • Female Human: uneven black hair and blue eyes
    • Chainmail and Javelins
  • Valbri:
    • Male Human: gray hair and blue eyes, and a matted beard.
    • Plate & Warhammer
  • Svalgi, Famed Adventurer: :
    • Male Human: slightly overweight, with short white hair and amber eyes.
    • Plate & katana
  • Aelyn:
    • Female Human: red hair and light gray eyes.
    • Breast Plate & Spear
  • Kari:
    • Female Human:red hair and gray eyes.
    • Leather Armor & Bastard Sword
  • Tanga:
    • Female Human: willowy, with long brown hair and sharp brown eyes.
    • Leather Armor & Naginata
  • Ereda:
    • Female Human: common in appearance, with brown hair and gray eyes.
    • Mail & Pick
  • Nyrech:
    • Male Human: silver hair and blue eyes
    • Banded Mail, Warhammer & Shield
  • Caisa:
    • Male Human: matted black hair and light amber eyes.
    • Leather Armor & Long Spear
  • Sarryan:
    • Female Human. auburn hair and brown eyes
    • Chain & Greatsword
  • Riffin:
    • Male Soukaror.
    • Fights with tooth and claw.
  • Vera:
    • Female Kovar: Pink Skin, matted blonde hair and narrow amber eyes.
    • Chain Mail & Battle Axe
  • Vorga
    • Human Male
    • 2 Greatswords (1 Handed), Scale Mail

The Diamond Tournament

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