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  • Kenshin "The Storm Blade"

    Kenshin is a child of an adult couple who belong to the Air Monastery. He was trained in the life of the monastery of freedom and self reliance. Once he became old enough to be trained in martial arts he took to it like a hawk to the sky. After being …

  • Murrissa Hildegard

    "Murrissa's Journal":https://kailaeria.obsidianportal.com/wikis/murrissas-journal [[File:503541 | class=media-item-align-center | battle_ready_commission_by_missaria-d98sniz_small.png]]

  • Kigon Caythiel

    Chapter 1 [[Kigon Origins | Kigon Origins]] Chapter 2 [[Kiss of Fire | Kiss of Fire]] Chapter 3 [[Kigon Tana | Voices in the Mist]] Chapter 4 [[Kigon Kenshin | Blowing in the Wind]] Chapter 5 [[Kigon Murrissa | Hole Lotta Trouble]] Chapter 6 …