Death Becomes Us

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They are dead. All of them are dead. I caught a glimpse of Varrai before I fell unconscious. He was pale, his wounds bled a deep shade of crimson and his eyes were paler than my skin. He moaned something unintelligible and I blacked out. The next thing I knew I awoke to a room completely void of life. I was the only one left alive. Treeth, Sidhpantion, Isilin and Varrai have all passed on. They don’t even have the dignity of moving on peacefully, their bodies are all still crawling around the monastery with the rest of the undead. We should have known that that the paladin’s before us hadn’t survived, and our journey was doomed from the start.

When the wights showed came back for me I ran. I made my way to the basement and just as I had solved the puzzle door another group of adventurers after the 25 gold reward. They managed to weasel most of our reward money away from me as well. It looks like I’ll have nothing to ease the pain and suffering of the mothers who lost their children today. I guess it doesn’t matter anyway, they’ll never look at me the same way again. When they see my face they will only see the faces of their lost sons and daughter, so I’ll try not to regret my decision to hand over the gold to make new friends. They are capable companions who helped defeat a powerful necromancer, and cared enough about their fallen compatriot to risk their lives to retrieve a powerful soul diamond in exchange for the life of their friend. If only I had been able to do the same for my friends. I will miss you all.

Death Becomes Us

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