I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It

11-14-2277 to Morning of 11-24-2277

Her name is Raven. We spent the most wonderful night together. It was the best night of my life.

Raven recently joined our ragtag group after hers had been devastated by the same creatures who had taken Tana’s life. Tana was another Adaran who was a member of our group. I did not have much interaction with her, and I regret it. I was unable to prevent her from dying – I am sorry.

Anyway, we found Raven in the some Temple to Laevif. We had been running around killing undead things, until we found some Priest that was still alive. He had sent out some sort of telepathy thing to find others who were out there – fortunate for him that we were so close. Well, we rescued him from some weird things with long tongues, and he helped us find a scroll of resurrection so that we could restore life to Kenshin.

Oh – did I forget to mention that Kenshin died too!! This new priest – sorry, Master of Arms – was able to bring Kenshin back. I understand that strategically we needed a fighter more than a healer, but I still feel bad that we chose Kenshin over Tana.

The Priest told us more about what was going on, and that we needed to keep some gem from being used – whatever. So we headed downstairs. That is where we first saw Raven.

Raven was on the same mission as we were. She was either brave or foolish. She was all alone. I don’t remember much of what happened. There was a big baddie who froze me in fear, and later burned me with some ball of fire. In fact, I learned later that he killed me.

I woke up sometime later. Kigon said that he made a deal with Laevif so that he could bring me back. Why me? Why not Tana? I feel so guilty for living.

Raven went back with us to town to get our money. Kigon kept touting the ways of Laevif. It looks like he got some religion. He has changed.

The Mayor of the town gave our group the 25 gold that he promised us. He also gave Raven 25 gold. Somehow, I was able to persuade her into sharing with the rest of the group – she is so nice.

The next day we headed for the capital. A big explosion had happened the night before to the North, but the fighters wanted to participate in some tournament. On the way there, some big bear attacked us; there was a weird, possessive Elerenai; a curious goat; and some caravans that passed us on the way. There was some misunderstanding between Raven and some gem merchants that Kenshin resolved. All I know is that Kenshin was mad at Raven, but she distracted him by acting different. I started noticing that she used this same tactic many times – especially on men – when she wanted something.

I started to observe her more. Unless she wanted the guards to detain her at the entrance to the Capital, whatever she did must not always work. She must have had a lot of success if she kept using that same tactic.

After getting in the Capital, we went to “The Happy Wench”. Kenshin and Murissa went to check on the fighting tournament. Kigon is still on his Laevif kick, and went to one of his temples. Raven ordered on of the special drinks from the female bartender. It seemed quite expensive, but Raven tipped a silver. She then did her act on the barkeep before pressing her for information. The barkeep seemed to respond favorably. That’s strange – I had only seen her use this technique on men.

I began asking Raven questions: Why did you tip so much? Why did you play with your hair when you talked to the barkeep? How do you get others to do what you want?

I also started to emulate her moves, her voice, and her demeanor. I wanted to be able to distract others in the same way. I had her teach me how to do what she did. That wasn’t the only thing that she taught me.

It started out easy. She gave me pointers on how to use this skill. She told me that this skill can be used to seduce men. I pretended to not understand what she meant. At that point, she tried to talk me into having sex with a man. I’ve been around enough to know what men want. From what I’ve heard, most men only care about their own pleasure. I was curious to know how it could be with a woman. Raven seemed to be teetering on that very same subject.

With her mind made up, Raven requested a room from the barkeep. She downed the last of her drink for some liquid courage, and then led me to our shared room. Once inside, we undressed. Raven seemed a little insecure at that moment. Being raised in the circus, privacy during costume changes is limited. She approached me slowly, and tentatively gave me a kiss. Her approach was refreshing. Slow and hesitant…waiting to see my reaction. As the kiss deepened, I started to make noises from the pleasure that I was receiving. I moaned as Raven began to explore my body. She began playing with my breasts – starting slowly with her fingertips, then progressing with her tongue and then her mouth. Her soft lips seemed to burn me deeper into my soul. I thought life couldn’t get any better, and then she moved lower. She buried her face between my legs, and shortly my world exploded. I made a sound that resembled a bleat, and I blushed. I was embarrassed, but I was also very happy.

After all of the pleasure that Raven had given me, I needed – I wanted – to return the favor. Reliving the moments from earlier, I attempted to give Raven the same joy that she had given me. I smiled at her as I pinned her back onto the bed. Her lips and tongue had a slightly different taste than when we started. I slowly made my way down her body – hoping that I could adequately return the pleasure that she had brought me. As I was between her legs exploring her, she became excited and held me in place by my horns. I tried my best to imitate Raven’s earlier ministrations. After a while, I felt her body tremble with release. Her grip on my horns lessened, and she started to run her hands through my hair. I made my way back up her body, held her tight, and gave her little kisses. I never knew how good it could be with a woman.

After a quick sponge bath, we dressed and went back to the bar. The bartender gave us a knowing look – maybe she could join us some other time. Kenshin walked in. He told us that it would be almost a week before the tournament would begin. I began asking questions of the bartender about the tournament – who would be attending; the cost; etc. I found that the single King would be there. I had heard that he was corrupt – which should make him easier to influence.

After Kenshin left, Raven and I decided to go shopping for dresses. The barkeep pointed us in the direction of a dress shop. When we got there, the dresses were gorgeous. Raven looked at some black dresses and some frilly underwear. I tried on some green dresses. Eventually, I decided on buying two of them – one was real fancy (and really expensive), while the other was really nice.

After shopping, we went back to the “Wench”. As soon as we got in the door, Raven started to remove her clothing. She was beautiful – her skin seemed to glow softly in the moonlight. After last time, I had no reason to wait. Before we got into it, I asked Raven if she trusted me. I told her that I could try to make our time together more intense. I attempted to cast Emotion Control to bring out Lust. It failed at first, but, with my second attempt, the mood in the room got steamy. Raven got aggressive, pinning me to the wall, teeth to my neck – drawing forth some bleats of pleasure. Next thing I know, I am between her legs licking and sucking away. The spell must have amped up our needs. I don’t know how long we pleasured each other, but afterwards we collapsed with exhaustion. I do remember that she had found my sensitive spot near the base of my horns. I can’t wait until the next time. I hope there will be a next time.

The next morning, I awoke and she was gone. Did I do something wrong? Was I not good enough? I looked around the room, and saw an open window. Her clothes are here. Was she kidnapped? Why wasn’t I awoken? My emotions were all over the board. I had to control myself. I started my mantra: I am alone. No one owns me. I don’t need anyone. I cannot care. I control my own destiny. I can only rely on myself. I will use others to survive. Whatever it takes, I will survive.

UPDATE: I found that Raven had left to help Kigon. She thought that she was being considerate letting me sleep. I can understand her point – unfortunately, she doesn’t know that I have been disappointed too many times. The time that we spent was wonderful – I will never forget it, but I have to protect myself. If I get too close, I will be devastated when she leaves…or dies. They always leave.

I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It

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