September 20th, 2278

Today was a strange day. After hearing Deyd’s announcement in my mind, I decided to go to the main gate to meet this person. It’s a long way, so the obvious thing to do was increase my height to walk faster. The streets were going crazy by the time I was on my way. A hundred yards or so away from the gates, I notice some kind of mob and light reflecting off metal weapons. I’m without allies, so I prepare for something bad. Steelwraith should neutralize most of the attacks by the mob and an extra-large Splinter of Croxlo should be enough to give me an advantage if it does come to fighting.

It’s a good thing I did. Men made of shadows were wandering the streets attacking everyone too slow or too foolish to run away. Fast moving undead humanoids were wreaking havoc along my way as well. I swatted shadows and zombies alike on my way to the gates. To think, Arnech used to be so selective in who they let into the city.

When I finally got to the gate, bodies were strewn about everywhere. It was mostly guards and citizens, but a few undead were also on the ground. A robed person and a large undead brawler stood on either side of a gray man in full plate. The man in the middle carried the shield of Orakev and must have been Deyd.

Once upon a time, I would have immediately assumed the worst of undead people. That was before spending months and months with Murrissa when she was a wraith. Arrogant, hard to get along with, predatory, self-centered Murrissa is accepted and loved by the other members of my party. I’ve grown accustomed to the horror of her wraith presence and her general contrary nature. Deyd might be undead, but he’s certainly much easier to look at than she was.

Everything was OK until I saw the robed figure wearing Kaze, Kenshin’s blade, on his waist. That’s when I lost it and barely missed him with a pair of staffs. I nearly accused him of killing Kenshin, but was met with an even response from Deyd. He didn’t know who Kenshin was, but suggested he might be among the dead.

I was hostile towards Deyd and his friends, but each time he gave a reasonable explanation for the state of events. From what I gathered, Deyd had attempted to enter the city to make his legitimate claim for the throne and was almost immediately attacked. His forces had acted in self-defense and removed the threat. I wouldn’t agree it was necessary to kill all the non-combatants, but it’s also poorly received to round up prisoners plus it takes more soldiers. An uncontrolled hostile populace is unacceptable. Whatever his methods, it’s safe to say that the city is quickly becoming pacified and safe for Deyd to enter.

Regardless of the justification for Deyd’s actions, I was itching for a fight to win back the sword of the obviously fallen Kenshin. I stated as much and Deyd simply ordered the robed man to surrender Kaze to me. That completely neutralized the situation. Deyd practically offered me a job in his kingdom as he left to claim his throne. For all his faults, he’s more agreeable than Murrissa. It’s hard not to admire him a little.

Eventually, I found my party hiding where Lady Erin and Arwis were supposed to be having a conference. They didn’t have the same impression of Deyd after siding with the “haters” at the gate that were so quick to show prejudice against undead. I really don’t understand these people. Weren’t they the ones that said undead wraiths are OK? How can they be so closed minded now?

In any case, nearly the whole party had been overwhelmed by the undead forces pouring into the city, but were rescued by Lady Erin and Arwis. The young merchant barely says 2 words to me or shows me any respect despite the fact I follow around his entourage for weeks, but he risks both his life and his artifact sword to save near strangers. You’re on my list, Arwis. Maybe, it was an attempt to cury the favor of new protectors after all his guards were killed by the undead. It seems to have worked because now we’re on the hook to keep Lady Erin and Arwis safe.

As always, Maxx seems to be the only one with a mediocre of common sense. She fought shadows and undead when they weakest away from the rest of their army. Maxx saved a number of citizens fighting smart rather than trying to “seal the breach” at the gates. She used magic to find her fallen party and administer healing.

Maxx might be the only other person besides me with a plan. While the rest of the party tried to convince me that Deyd was a bad guy rather than the victim of systematic oppression, she scouted the mage tower and discovered that the tower had fallen and the arch mage killed. She also returned with news of dissention in Deyd’s ranks in the form of a tattooed Adaran, Arkev. He’s not an ally, but isn’t an enemy either.

The rational voice of Maxx has convinced me to join the party’s cause and support Lady Erin and Arwis. That little merchant had better be nice to me after this…. In any case, the party plans to kill Deyd. Murrissa will want to simply storm the mage tower, but that’s going to be about as effective as her stand at the gates. I want to make use of favorable terrain and tactics to start eliminating the minions then work up to the henchmen before finally facing Deyd. Our approaches are two opposite extremes from reckless violence to measured strategy. It remains to be seen what form our actions will take.


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