It's Getting Away from You Again, While You're Chasing Ghosts

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I have no idea what day today is/2278

So we’ve become detectives, and yet we fall into the snare of our would-be-murderer’s beguiling tricks. All signs point to the “monster” that attacked and killed _____ being a young girl. The daughter of a very rich man. She has been sick as of late, but that’s not all that has changed in her. She’s gained magical abilities and has captured our loveable pet human and taken him far away from here. Maxx has magically traced her presence to some distance west of here, and we plan to track them down and find poor Kenshin, but not before Kigon gathers his paladins of Laevif to March alongside us. Of course they do no such thing. They offered him some potions but refused to leave their posts.

Of course on our way to catch up with our lost friend we are bombarded by a collection of enemies from our past. I have no idea why there is a band of soukurar after Murrissa, but Suleyk and his brother ambushed us along with them. The coward ran away after the soukurar were downed, obviously preserving himself in order to live long enough to see me dead, once and for all.

We did finally find Kenshin. It turns out that a pile of armor we tripped over on the way was all that was left of the great Dolanor, champion of the tournamen. Reina had drained him of his lifeforce. Kenshin still has hopesome of saving this monster masquerading as a child, yet the rest of us are ready to stab her in the heart if she makes the wrong move. Though for now, she still stands.

It's Getting Away from You Again, While You're Chasing Ghosts

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