Kigon After Arnech Is Destroyed

Kigon reflected as stood on the rooftop of the “Happy Wench” looking out across the ruins of Arnech. Murrissa had awakened from death as a wraith not long ago and had wasted no time in causing chaos for the patrons/refugees that were taking refuge there.

Oaths, Law, Cities and Peace the principles of Laevif and things Kigon believed in. All of it seemed to be stripped away from him in a single day. He lost his temple and most of the ones he pledged allegiance to. All authority in the city was destroyed when an enormous earth elemental had crushed the temple of Laevif and the king’s castle. The path of destruction had thrown the city into chaos. There would be no peace for Arnech any time soon… not that there was much left to try to salvage.

The worst part of it all was that he was there to see it happen. He was there, but was too weak from a recent battle to do anything. If Laevif would have just given Kigon greater access to his power, he was sure he could have made a difference. Kigon would have happily fought even thought it meant his death.

How could Laevif let something like this happen? The mage tower survived by employing force walls. What happened to Laevif’s clerics? Why had they been abandoned?

Not only was the greater world around him coming apart, but the dynamic with his friends had changed. Murrissa was an abomination, a wraith that would need to feed on the essence of other people to restore herself. Her appearance was enough to cause disturb the peace. It would just be a matter of time before the already chaotic Murrissa would succumb to the temptation to abuse her new found power.

Could Kigon in good conscious help an agent of anarchy? Should he even allow such a creature to exist? A better question is whether Murrissa would murder him for his allegiance to Laevif. She had never been overly friendly, but now she may just kill him on a whim.

Kigon was in need of soul searching and he might already know the perfect spiritual guide. When Ordocar sanctuary was destroyed by a necromancer and a man turned Wight, Master Chief Lorenz remained strong in his faith. Perhaps, time in the southern temple will help him find his answers. Enough time in prayer and enough time alone would help him come to terms with the changes to the world.

Kigon After Arnech Is Destroyed

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