The Kingdom of Keragor


The Kingdom of Keragor was established over 1200 years ago. It started as the region around Arnech, and by absorbing small nearby areas has expanded to the borders it has today. Each city within Keragor is free to rule itself, as long is it pays its taxes to the crown. This can cause some confusion and problematic encounters for travelers.

The crown has stayed with the family of the first king, King Deyd Orakev, since it was established. King Corin Orakev resides on the throne currently. There are plenty of whispers of corruption, but none too loudly. Speaking against the king has been made punishable by life in prison. He is by no means the best king that Keragor has ever seen, but is he also far from the worst.

Keragor’s relationships with its neighbors has frequently teetered on the brink of war. In the current era, King Corin is more than happy to lay back and enjoy his wealth and luxury than maintain an aggressive posture.

Major Cities

  • Arnech
    • The capitol of Keragor. The royal castle is truly a sight to behold. King Corin has instituted a universally despised toll on entering the city: 5 silver. A writ can be purchased to forgo that cost for a year…for the price of 250 silver. Those without these writs, or any level of notoriety or wealth, are frequently harassed and searched by the gate guards.
  • Mahyrst
  • Gathela
  • Kheledzar

Smaller Settlements

  • Rookwood Bluffs
    • A small hamlet of 210. Rookwood Bluffs is a common stop for those on the road between Arnech and Gathela. At its center is a statue of a human and a mastiff. The statue is famed hero Vyncis and his trusty friend Tane. Vyncis was born in Rookwood Bluffs nearly 300 years ago and was recognized by the king of the age for slaying many monsters that plagued Keragor, most famously the black dragon Raxyzzyn. Rookwood Bluffs is governed by an arcane sorcerer, a male human named Nielas.
    • The primary inn is The Wolf’s Lodge. It is a two-storey stone-walled building, with a small walled yard and garden and finely-crafted tables and chairs. A collection of fine weapons hangs over the hearth. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and feather mattresses. The innkeeper is a woman named Milly Hale. She was once a wealthy aristocrat, but lost her lands and title in a duel.
  • Silcro Hill
    • Tiny village goverened by Darstus Isles, a former adventurer. Silcro Hill is the last stop on the way to the Northern Ordocar Cloister, and the two enjoy a symbiotic relationship.
  • Northern Ordocar Cloister
    • A force of paladins that follow Laevif and wish to act as peacekeepers, that train for a day when their strength will be needed most. Recently routed by a Devourer and a former member-turned-wight named Grave. Master Chief Lorenz Eunni was the only survivor still at the compound. He is awaiting reinforcements from the southern cloister.

The Kingdom of Keragor

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